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Field Trips

Farm Field Trips

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Class Field Trips:

Strawberry field trips are hosted throughout the week and consist of a short educational session, opportunity to pick strawberries in the field, a hayride, and even a pig race. Each student is given a container to pick strawberries, a coloring/activity book, and an “I Picked Strawberries” sticker.
Teachers, we even have a small gift for you! Our staff will work with you to offer an educational and fun field trip especially for your students. Please call Rita today at 912.748.3035 to book your trip.
The Corn Maze Trip:

Consists of a short educational session, a hayride to the corn maze, a trip through the maze, a pig race, a coloring book, and a mini pumpkin.
Important Information for all trips:

The children may bring their lunch and enjoy it at the farm.
Please call for scheduling information
There is a minimum of 20 students needed for a field trip.
Costs = $8 per student, $8 each for parents, and $5 siblings (age 3 & younger)
We allow 2 teachers per class at no charge.
Please be on time as we may have other events scheduled on the same day.
In case of inclement weather, we will make every effort to reschedule your trip

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