General Store

Our Ottawa Farms General Store features fresh produce and other gifts from the farm.

We have a General Store located on the farm. We sell our own natural beef, a line of Ottawa Farms jams and jellies, a variety of fresh produce in season,  homemade ice cream and collectibles and lots more!

Store Hours:

Spring Hours: (Mid-March through August)

Tuesday – Saturday: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Sundays: Closed
Mondays: Closed

September thru mid March:  

Friday -Saturday 9:00 – 5:00  Call before coming out to farm. ***
Sunday – Wednesday: CLOSED

***Call to verify store hours 


* Cash or local check only. An ATM is available in the store.


**No pets on the farm, please!
***Weather conditions affect crop availability — call before heading our way 912.748.3035

General Store Items:

Natural Beef:

Enjoy our all natural, no added growth hormone, no antibiotics, no additives, grass-fed black Angus beef. Available year round.

We stock our store with a variety of cuts of meat. These include:

  • Ground beef (2 lb. vacuum -sealed packages of 80/20 beef) $10.00 per package
  • Filet Mignon $15.00/pound
  • T-bones $13.50/pound
  • Ribeyes $13.50/pound
  • New York Strip $13.50/pound
  • Sirloin $9.00/pound
  • Cubed stead (round steak) $5.00/pound
  • Boneless beef stew meat $6.50/pound
  • Short ribs $5.00/pound
  • Liver $3.50/pound
  • Soup bones $3.50/pound
  • Oxtail $6.00/pound

*Stocked items subject to change without notice.

Crop Calendar:

Strawberries: mid March – May (u pick)
Blackberries: mid May – early June (u pick)
Blueberries: June – early August (u pick)
Cucumbers: June
White Corn: June – July
Tomatoes: June – August
Cantaloupes: June – July
Squash: May – July
Okra: May – July
Onions: May
Eggplant: May – July
Zucchini: May – July
Peppers: May – September
Watermelons: June -August

Pumpkins:  October
Fall Ornamentals: (Indian Corn, Gourds, Corn Stalks, Mums): October
Gift Baskets: November – December

Weather conditions affect crop availability, call before coming to the farm
No pets please!